With Flutter 2.10, you can now create apps for Windows just as easily as Android and iOS

Windows is now ready for production apps
The stable release of Windows support is included in the Flutter 2.10 release. You no longer need to flip a switch to get the functionality that generates Windows apps on Flutter’s stable channel — it’s now available by default!

This version includes significant enhancements to text handling, keyboard handling, and keyboard shortcuts, as well as new integrations directly into Windows, including support for command-line arguments, globalised text entry, and accessibility.

Performance enhancements
Flutter’s initial support for dirty region management is included in this release. On iOS/Metal, you can enable partial repaints for a single dirty region. This change reduced 90th and 99th percentile rasterization times by order of magnitude on a few benchmarks and GPU utilization on these benchmarks from more than 90%to less than 10%.

Material 3
This release marks the start of the Material 3 transition, which includes generating an entire colour scheme from a single seed colour. You can create an instance of the new ColorScheme type with any colour. This release also includes ThemeData. The useMaterial3 flag causes components to adopt the new Material 3 appearance.

There are also 1,028 new Material icons.

Enhancements to integration testing
This new package replaced the flutter driver package as the recommended way to do integration testing, adding new features such as Firebase Test Lab support and web and desktop support.

The integration testing storey has been improved further, including the integration test package in the Flutter SDK itself, making it easier to integrate with your app. There’s also a new migration guide if you’re migrating from flutter driver to integration test.

Several existing docs, samples, and codelabs have also been updated for the integration test. To begin, navigate to the Testing Flutter apps page on flutter.dev. If you haven’t already started using integration tests in your Flutter apps, now is the time!